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Can I shop in person at the store?

We are a webshop and we do not have a brick-and-mortar store, only a warehouse/office. This means that you cannot shop in person, but you can collect your paid package at our office. Please see the delivery details below. You can place your order online at our webshop by putting any in-stock products into your online cart and proceeding with the checkout.


Payment information

There are three ways to pay for your order in our webshop:


Bank transfer (“Előreutalás”): all the information you need to make the transfer will be included in the confirmation email of your successful order (if you need Swift/BIC code please drop us an email). You can check the success of the payment via your online bank or by logging into your Skinsmart account (order status: “számlázás", "összekészítve"). The package will be shipped after the payment has been received, if it arrives by 12 o'clock you can receive your package the next working day. :) You have 10 days to initiate the transfer before the order is automatically canceled.

Cash on delivery (COD) (“Utánvétel”): Cash on delivery is a service provided by MPL, our delivery partner, and you only have to pay for your parcel once it has arrived. These parcels will be shipped the same or the first working day after ordering. The COD payment method is available for a surcharge of 490 Ft. A bit contrary to the name you can pay cash or credit card by courier or the at the Post office, at MPL Parcel Terminals, you can only pay by card. In the case of personal pick-up, there is no COD payment option.

Payment by bank card (“Bankártyás fizetés): We use OPT Bank’s SimplePay for safe online payment, and we accept MasterCard, Maestro, VISA, and VISA Electron cards from the VISA product family and American Express cards. In case of successful payment, you will also receive a confirmation email from SimplePay. If you do not receive this email, the transaction was unsuccessful and your order will not be processed (even if you received a confirmation email from us) and will be automatically canceled. If the transaction was unsuccessful, feel free to place a new order :) In case of an aborted transaction, you should wait 10-15 minutes before trying to pay again.

Important note:

Please check that the transaction was successful and that you have received the SimplePay confirmation, because failed card orders are not processed by our system. If you do not receive the SimplePay confirmation within 5-10 minutes (check your spam and promotional folders too) and you do not see any trace of the transaction in your online bank, you can place a new order because the failed order will be automatically deleted. An unsuccessful transaction is also indicated if your credit/debit card order status in your Skinsmart account is "függőben" or "törölve". There is nothing more to do, feel free to place a new order with the payment method you prefer.

Delivery information

Unfortunately, we cannot ship abroad, you can only place orders to Hungarian addresses.

We use the MPL (Magyar Posta Logisztika) courier service to deliver parcels. Orders are tracked, and the tracking number will be automatically emailed to you by MPL when they received them from us. Packages will usually reach you in 1-2 working days, but occasionally (especially after the weekend) there may be a 1-2 day delay due to an increased number of parcels.

You can choose between several delivery options:

Personal pick-up - free of charge: you can pick up your parcel in person at our office in Márvány street on the Tuesday or Thursday closest to the day you place your order, between 10 am and 6 pm. The exact address is 1126, Budapest, 12th district, Márvány utca 31. ground floor 2.; doorbell: 64. (Skinsmart Kft.) We’re located in an apartment building on the ground floor, second door to the left

Home delivery - HUF 990, free of charge for orders over HUF 15 000: in this case, the parcel will be delivered to the delivery address you have specified at checkout. You can request the parcel to be delivered either to your home or to your place of work, wherever is more convenient. Delivery will be made between 8 am and 5 pm on workdays by MPL. If they can't find you at the address you specified on the day of delivery, they will automatically try again the next day, and if they still can't, you can pick up your parcel at the nearest central post office for the next 10 days (they will email you to let you know exactly where it was deposited). If you request the parcel to be sent to your workplace, any person that is authorised to receive mail/parcels at your company can also receive your parcel (please indicate your company’s name for this). For cash on delivery, you can pay by cash or credit card.

Important note:

Please make sure you use the correct address when placing your order, if possible use the Hungarian address format. It will also help the delivery if you provide as much information as possible, the floor, door, and doorbell numbers (if there are) are very important information for the courier. The phone number is automatically added to the parcel, but the courier may not always call, it is worth knowing that MPL is a Hungarian courier company, and not all couriers speak English.

Postal point (‘PostaPont’) collection - HUF 840, free over HUF 15 000: if it is more convenient for you, you can pick up your parcel at a nearby collection point. MPL's postal point network is the most extensive in Hungary, with more than 2,700 pick-up points nationwide. You can choose from them at checkout from a dropdown menu or by selecting them on a map.

You have three options for pick-up points:

The parcel remains at the post office (“Postán maradó”): you can choose the one nearest to you or the one on your way from more than 2,500 post offices in the country. You can pick it up at any time within 10 days. The post office will notify you by email that your parcel has arrived and you can collect it.

MOL petrol stations (“MOL töltőállomás”): as most of the stations are open non-stop, you don't have to adjust to anyone. You'll be notified by email when your parcel arrives at the collection point and you'll have another 10 days to collect it.

Parcel Terminal (“Csomagautomata”): You can come here at any time between 0-24 hours and pick up your order. You will be notified by SMS when your parcel arrives, and you can pick it up anytime for up to 2 days. You will need a Hungarian phone number to receive an SMS message with the opening code. If you miss the pick up in the provided 2 days, you can still pick up your parcel at the nearest central post office for 10 days afterward (they will email you to let you know exactly where it was deposited). Here you can only pay by credit card if you ordered COD. You can find more information about Parcel Terminals in English here

Important note:

Bring your ID card or other proof of identity with you when you pick up your order at a Post Office or MOL station.

When will I receive my parcel?

The short answer: If you have chosen delivery, it will be on the 1st or 2nd working day after the order/bank transfer arrives (if we have an increase in orders, especially after a weekend, there may be a 1-2 day delay).

If you have opted for a personal pick-up, you can pick up your order at our office on the next Tuesday or Thursday closest to your order, between 10 am and 6 pm.

If you are interested in details:

For delivery: orders received are processed continuously every weekday during working hours and are handed over to the courier service on the same day they’re processed, the delivery can be expected on the following day.

On a typical day, orders received by 12 pm will be delivered to you the next day, and orders placed after that time will be delivered on the 2nd working day. For example, if you place your COD order at 10 am on a Tuesday, it will arrive on Wednesday, but if you place it at 8 pm on a Tuesday, it will arrive on Thursday. Sometimes (e.g. after the weekend, before Christmas) we may only be able to post your parcel 1-2 days late due to an increased number of orders. Also rarely, but there may be a 1-day delay at the courier service and your parcel will only be delivered on the second working day after dispatch.

Important note:

G&G 101 C-Glow serum is manufactured once a week and we also receive fresh deliveries once a week, usually on Tuesdays. For this reason, packages containing C-Glow may take a little longer to arrive than usual (1-3 business days on average). We typically mail C-Glow packages between Tuesday and Thursday (not on Fridays, for example, to avoid having them sitting in a warehouse over the weekend).

Packages are tracked, and the tracking number will be automatically emailed to you by the MPL once they have received and processed the packages from us.

The home delivery fee is 990 HUF and 840 HUF if you selected a postal point pickup. For orders over 15 000 HUF, delivery is always free of charge.

For personal pick-up: you can pick up your parcel in person at our office in Márvány street, on the Tuesday or Thursday closest to the day of your order, between 10 am and 6 pm. The exact address is: 1126 Budapest, Márvány utca 31. fsz. 2. (second door on the left), doorbell: 65 (Skinsmart Kft.). It is important to know that in case of personal pick-up only prepaid packages can be picked up, so you can only place an order by credit card or bank transfer. If you pay by bank transfer, we can only start processing your order once we have received your payment, but you can also pick up your order if you have placed (and paid for) your order by noon on the same day.

Personal pick-up is free of charge.